Microchipped Headstones


A memorial after service that allows you to hear, see and experience the presence of your loved one, and not just remember it.

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Headstone Microchip Technology



Inscriptions and Epitaphs are a very important element in the completion of a chosen memorial. They are completely personal and identifiable to you and to the memory of your loved one. But what if one could do more than just remember. What if the essence and presence of the deceased could be seen and heard also. Their voice, the way they looked in happier times or perhaps their personality before it was taken from them. Cutting edge microchip technology allows us now to do just that. A mobile phone and an internet connection is all that is required. Fingal Memorials are among the most forward thinking and insightful leaders within the arena of headstone manufacture and have seen that this technology to enhance memorials as not only expressive and evocative but could also provide a very calming way to deal with the sudden passing of a loved one as well as to give a little more peace of mind for those family members struggling to come too terms with their sudden loss. This form of memorial technology offers a special way to pay tribute and create a legacy for generations to come.


Photos and audio video recordings can be stored on the mircochip with an indefinite lifespan. Recordings can be made and kept private until a loved one’s passing so as to provide comfort with personal messages and thoughts dedicated to friends and family members that are left behind. Conversations that for one reason or another can be easier to express at a later time. These multimedia documents can be updated, revised, change or removed completely as one moves through the grieving process and comes to terms with ones sudden loss