Cultural Diversity


Side crosses, pillared dragons and a star within a crescent.

 Irish, Asian and Islamic. Among them also a myriad of cultures.

 A diversity of faiths and beliefs. All sacred and each unique. 


One universal standard of craftsmanship.



As a presentation of their skilled craftsmanship and using particular granites such as Blue Pearl, Vicount White Granite and Supreme Black Granite, Fingal Memorials can create the most beautiful memorials respectfully identifiable with a selection of different cultures and faiths. 

 A matter that Fingal Memorials takes seriously. 

Culture in it’s many forms is an important basis of the relationship between Asia, Islam and Ireland. Each region have sought to combine the contemporary with the customary, not only in daily life, but also in spiritual affairs. Faith is, in the opinion of Fingal Memorials, an important aspect of pushing forward the philosophical and also the religious. Culture runs very deep in Irish, Asian and Islamic life. 

China, Saudi Arabia and Ireland are unconnected by a vast distance, and by size, but there are similarities between the three throughout history with a deep-rooted spirituality and faith which are of interest to all three and help to add to mutual understanding. Ireland’s transformation over the last half century, from an underdeveloped country on the fringe of Europe to a booming economy with recognised strengths is of constant interest to Asia as well as the Muslim world as a whole as it seeks to develop it’s own strengths along similar avenues. It’s important to say that culture, whether in terms of spirituality or religion, is an important aspect and indeed motivator of all three sides of the relationship; that human interaction through Asian and Muslim people living in Ireland and Irish people living in Asia and Arabic states is an important way of reaching a mutual understanding of faith building relations and trust is the sure way to build mutual understanding and mutual respect through the diversity of faith and beliefs. 

The Irish Celtic Crosses are the most original and interesting of all the monuments which graced the Irish landscape. They are of international importance in early medieval art and Irish culture. For their placement in time there is little to equal them in the sculpture of Western Europe in general. The crosses are the most interesting and attractive of all the monuments which adorn the Irish countryside. They are most typically Irish. 

A star inside a crescent moon was the emblem of the Ottoman Empire in the 19th century, and gradually became associated with Islamism including the Arab Islamic Republic and later adopted by Islam as a whole. By the mid 20th century, the symbol came to be re-interpreted as the symbol of Islam or the Muslim community. This symbolism was embraced by movements of Arab nationalism or Islamism. This is one of the symbolst hat Fingal Memorials has

used to create ever lasting memorials within the Muslim community to honour and pay tribute to their loved one’s. 

The visual aspect of Asian religion has always played a major role in it’s spiritual culture. A dominant image of this would be the dragon which traditionally symbolise excellence and people of outstanding acclaim. The dragon is also a symbol of power, strength, and good luck for people who are

worthy of it as well as a symbol of ethnic identity for Asian culture. Many images of oriental dragons show a pearl in their claws.The pearl is associated with spiritual energy. This can be seen in the custom designed Dragon memorial on the Asian influenced memorial pages on this site. 

The literature, music, philosophy and spirituality of a culture, however distant that culture may be from our own, are essentially to be enjoyed for their own 

 sake. However, as expressions of a specific faith, they often reflect a unique standpoint which we must seek to understand if we are to deepen our primary response to the arts in question.