From Concept To Completion


To discover the most valuable of resources,

Once concealed in newly opened quarries,

Secluded within mountain ranges in exotic countries,

on vast continents over northern and eastern hemispheres.

To go that extra mile. That’s where success is sighted.



On first impression: Extremely arduous but raw exhilaration also. The search for new materials is an exhausting task for all but the most dedicated memorial sculpting companies seeking to push the boundaries of colour, pattern and texture within their collections of limestones, marbles and granites. From Norwegian Blue Pearl in Norway to Paradiso in Brazil and further still, from the Hubei Province in China to secure Aurora to Tropical Green from the Kerla state of India. Fingal Memorials have illustrated the ability to show ambition, adventure, fortitude and risk often simultaneously and it shows with these far reaching areas of the world that they have expressed an astonishing scope of destinations that they are willing to travel too and from, explore and conquer. In regard to their endeavour, no pocket of the world is beyond them.

The relentless global expeditions to the four corners of the earth to locate and excavate the finest marbles and granites from the most sequestered mountainous regions that are destined to become invaluable quarries are a necessity in order to maintain the highest of standards. A necessity not just because it progresses and broadens the industry but also to inspire and envelop the creativity of the craftsman. Once excavation is accomplished the material blocks and slabs are carefully shipped and transported back to our base in Dublin where each new sculpture will reflect the story of their challenges. The sound of circular saws reach ninety decibels and beyond, methodically cutting through granite colours from the most saturated spectrum of balmoral red, blue lagoon and tropical kerla green to the most unspoiled of grey rustenburg.

Machinery that weighs in tonnage is precise and exacting. Millimeter perfect. It needs to be. The resilience of marble and granite differ greatly depending on their specification, type and formation. Individual craftsmen step in and raw materials are given life as they are forged with imaginative skill, focus and creativity. The characteristics of their expertise are as unique and diverse as the materials themselves.

The finished masterpiece is now in sight as the finishing touches are rendered just as conscientiously. The success of Fingal Memorials is largely due to their application, commitment and forward thinking to their craft which has penetrated through the ordinary and tiresome obstacles that lesser companies display and dramatically altered the world of memorial sculpture and craftsmanship forever. This has been the vocation since 1985. That trek will never stop.