Extreme Definition Memorial Printing


The craftsmanship challenges the technology. The technology inspires the craftsmanship. 


Exclusive to Fingal Memorials 

Highest Quality 3 Dimensional Professional full colour memorial printing.

Fingal Memorials and Monuments are proud to announce their full colour memorial printing service.

Specialised die-cut templates of virtually any shape and size are made of a transparent thermoplastic toughned glass which is thin, light weight and virtually shatter-resistant producing a smooth matt, gloss or satin finish. 100,000,000 of designs to choose from Personal images from your photographs, memories, albums etc can be incorporated into any landscape or design of your imagination and designed by our proffessional designer to be incorporated on your memorial to perpetuate the memory of your dearly departed loved one.

The printing can be a vibrant full colour, a rich contrast of blacks and whites or subtle sepia tones. Any image can be used in the overall design limited only by your imagination. The shape of your chosen memorial will be taken into account and a suitable design will be created incorporating an image of your loved one feathered or ghosted seamlessly into the design for a creative touch if you prefer.

Text will appear ultra sharp with no blurred or faded outlines while working perfectly with the vivid and striking colours. The larger the printed area the more three dimensional the design becomes such is the clarity of the printing. Alternatively, smaller areas of printing can be just as effective and tasteful. Memorial surface printing can compliment any memorial regardless of size and shape.